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We arrive earlier and stay later. That distinguishes us from our competition in a really important way. While we have exceptional transactional skills, and while we put those skills to work to accomplish corporate development, business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and financings, we also have very strong business strategy and integration skills. So, if requested, we start with our clients at the very beginning of their decision-making process. We help them sort out and select the appropriate objectives for the business and its owners based on industry, markets, company performance, competitive environment, resources, organization capabilities, management and risk factors, and risk tolerance. And, if our clients are buyers, at their request we stay after the acquisition to see to its effective integration.

We arrive earlier and stay later. We do this because the transactions that our clients may decide to complete or forego are really important, perhaps even once-in-a-lifetime, events. We want to make sure that any decisions and commitments involving corporate development, business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and financings are carefully thought out and rigorously challenged. We have developed well-tested and uncommonly effective tools and processes to support fact-based decision making by our clients. These tools include our strategy boot camp, proprietary valuation models, search and match systems, due diligence systems, integration boot camp, and computer-based accountability systems to track strategy implementation.

We arrive earlier and stay later. We are able to arrive earlier and stay later because we are specifically well staffed to perform in this manner. Our staff includes seasoned business leaders who know more than transactions. They know leadership and the importance of objectives and realistic strategies. They understand risk and the challenge of change. They know, have made, and have been accountable for important decisions. Our staff becomes your team; they supplement your leadership with the capacity and skills usually maintained in only the largest companies.

Because we arrive earlier and stay later, our clients often ask us to help them decide which direction to take--whether to be buyers or sellers; whether to grow solely with internal resources or to bring new capital on-board--and how to make their dreams become reality. We arrive earlier and stay later.

Hankin & Co. professionals work with CEOs, leadership teams, boards of directors, and owners of companies to set business objectives, formulate responsive strategies, and accomplish execution.

Our experienced managing directors use proven, proprietary methods and systems to the extent requested to assist our clients in their exploration of alternative objectives and strategies. We then initiate and execute transactions that result in:

  • Growth through acquisition
  • Sale or merger of the company
  • Institutional financing or strategic investment
  • Sale or acquisition of specific assets

We are committed to working with intelligence, sensitivity, and intensity on behalf of our clients -- and
we are committed to mission accomplishment.




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